There is a Picture Here Somewhere
June 6, 2010 by David Stansbury

leaves and streamLandscape photography, or perhaps photography of the natural world, is difficult here in the northeastern part of the country.


Sure, one can go to the White Mountains in New Hampshire or along the seacoast of Maine and capture the stunning geography of those areas, but often I find myself just squeezing out a bit of time here and there to wander through the wet messy woods here in Western Massachusetts with my camera and tripod.


Most of the wooded areas in New England are reforested farmland and the plants seem to know that they had better grow like crazy during the spring and summer before the cold sets in again, so the competition for space and light is intense and the forest floor is cluttered with saplings and shrubs of all kinds. That sets up the challenge of extracting a coherent composition out of the chaos. It’s actually easier in the winter sometimes.


This photo worked out pretty well considering what I mentioned above.

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